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Incoming Features

It's never ending!
We constantly aim to increase the level of interactivity and fun of the game by regularly implementing innovative and refreshing gaming and P2E game mechanics that will allow players to earn game rewards while having fun caring for your trees.

Roadmap for future game features


  • Water Pack
  • Fertilizer Pack
  • Plot v1


  • Plot v2
  • Lucky Boost: Increase chances to mint a rare tree
  • Grafting Serum: Create a level up tree by merging at least two lower level trees
  • Tree market: Tree market allows to sell rare tree during at certain period of time
  • XP point experience. Every players will gain some Xp during the game


  • New generation of trees
  • Dashboard and Calculator
  • More sustainable GRP duration
  • Lower Water Packs prices
  • Seedmazon e-shop
  • Seed program launch

Community Driven

Because we love ideas of our community, we will regularly organize contests that will allow community members to propose their own features. The feature that gets the most votes from the community (subject to its technical realization), will be developed in the next version.