Second Generation

The second generation Tree Varieties are New Bonsai, Baobab, Apple and Maple.

Current status

  • New Bonsai (Available)

  • Baobab (Available)

  • Apple (Available)

  • Maple (Available)

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Due to their high daily rewards, the Trees belonging to the second generation of our game (Genesis & Rare) will be hard-capped. This will help to sustain the protocol, especially in the long term run, and ensure the sustainability of the project.

This is an additional mechanism that will help to further support the protocol. We reiterate that the various mechanisms in place in our ecosystem, as well as those that will be released in the future, will help us to achieve our goals and long-term vision.

Once the hard cap for each Tree is reached, it will no longer be possible to mint first generation Trees. And you certainly wonโ€™t see that level of daily rewards again.

In fact, as long as the various hard caps are not reached, you can still consider yourself very early in the game!

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