Since every tree must be properly rooted in its soil, each variety of tree has a specific environment that suits it perfectly and will allow you to multiply your game rewards. Plots are a portion of land where you can plant your NFT trees. Each plot can support up to 10 trees.

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Genesis Plot

The Genesis Plot is free and given to all players. It can contain any type of tree (Plum Bonsai, Bonsai, Fir, Oak, Cherry) but does not allow players to get any bonuses. Only specific plots will allow players to get additional bonuses.

Specific Plot

There are 5 Specific Plots. Each Specific Plot can accommodate a single variety of tree (e.g. Bonsai Tree on a Bonsai Plot). Once the plot is filled, players will be eligible for all kinds of bonuses.

Plum Bonsai Plot - Level 1

Can contain up to 10 Plum Bonsai trees.

Bonsai Plot - Level 2

Can contain up to 10 Bonsai trees.

Fir Plot - Level 3

Can contain up to 10 Fir trees.

Oak Plot - Level 4

Can contain up to 10 Oak trees.

Cherry Plot - Level 5

Can contain up to 10 Cherry trees.

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