Game Revenue Distribution

Game Revenue Distribution is the distribution of BUSD from the purchase of each NFT and item in the game.

  • 75% Distribution Pool

  • 24% Company Treasury

  • 1% Planet Reforesting

  • Sell Tax

A 5% sell tax is applied when selling on the Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) to provide liquidity and limit Bots.

Planet Reforestation

As you know, the Spring Game team puts a lot of weight in having a real impact in the real world.

That’s why we aim to become the first protocol to invest in the reforestation of our planet for every NFT purchased in our virtual game.

After contacting several foundations, we finally turned to OneTreePlanted, a foundation with which we share the same spirit and the same ideas and with which we will be happy to commit ourselves long term.

Every time a Mystery Seed is purchased to give birth to a new virtual tree, 1% will be donated to the OneTreePlanted Foundation to give birth to real trees. The perfect combination between our virtual gaming world and the real world!

Our community can decide to which country they wish to donate trees.

You can find more informations on this partnership in this article.

Game Treasury

The Game Treasury is used for operational costs and game expansion.

It will also constitute a fund to enable the development of the future mobile application and reassure blockchain funds of our intention and capacity to develop.

For diversification purposes, the Treasury may, from time to time, hold external assets.

Game Reward Pool

The Game Reward Pool is used to ensure that all of the game's rewards will be distributed to players.


Team distribution may, from time to time, be temporarily reduced to preserve the health of the protocol.

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