Project Launch

Fair Launch

We want our launch to be as fair as possible.

That's why we've decided that there will be no token sales before the launch of our $SPRING token on the PancakeSwap DEX and no token allocation to the team.

The Presale sells NFTs game items only. No $SPR token. Private Presale (whitelist) price: $0.80/$SPR

Public Presale price: $0.90/$SPR

Public Launch price: $1/$SPR

Zero Team Token

Setting aside a special allocation for the team can sometimes be a problem.

There may be problems with team members selling their tokens at the initial pump. To avoid this harmful situation for the project and to protect the contributors, no tokens will be reserved for the team.

Important Dates

Private Community Contribution Event: June 3rd and 5th

Public Community Contribution Event: June 5th and 7th

Public Launch: June 24th

Launch Distribution

Launch distribution will be allocated as follow:

  • 75% Liquidity Pool

  • 24% Company Treasury

  • 1% Planet Reforesting

The team reserves the right to modify the distribution to ensure the safety and the sustainability of the project.

Important information

Amount collected during pre-sales: $153.000

The initial liquidity of $200.000 ($100K $SPR / 100K $BUSD).

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