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We are here for the long run and constantly evolving through innovations. All data and values in this page may change during the life of the project. We operate in agile mode!

2022 - Q1

  • Game concept development
  • Definition of Spring Game specifications

2022 - Q2

  • Discord server creation
  • Twitter account creation
  • Mystery Seed and Tree NFT's release
  • Website V1 release
  • dApp V1 development
  • Partnership with a reforestation organization
  • Core Team KYC
  • New Documentation release
  • Website V2 release
  • DApp V2 development
  • Community Contribution Events ($153K raised)
  • Project launch
  • Registration of the Spring Game brand

2022 - Q3

  • Start mobile game development (with a mobile app)
  • Protocol V2 update with additional features
  • Spring Marketplace
  • Protocol V3 update
  • Start of fundraising

2022 - Q4

  • Continue mobile app development


  • Mobile game release
For the Mobile game, please continue to the Pocket Forest whitepaper :