How to use Dashboard

See how you can access and customize Spring Game new Dashboard functionality

How to access the new Dashboard ?

On the dApp, select “My Collection” in the menu (top left) and then click on “Dashboard” which is between “My trees” and “My plots”

There is 2 sections in the Dashboard view :

The header: It will give you some macro informations of your whole collection

The follow-up table: This table will allow you to follow your trees in detail with customs columns information

Header section

There is 3 different blocs in this part of the Dashboard

My Collection

This will shows you how many trees of each generation you own and how much rare trees you have.

My Rewards

This part is very useful to see in real time how much you earn with your trees. If you daily rewards decrease it might be the time to water some trees. You can also see how much trees has already reached their Game Reward Period.

My Gardening Overview

This section gives you a quick overview of your trees health and assets usage.

Follow-up section

You can follow all your trees easily with this table and see the information that matters to you by customizing the view.

Follow-up columns description

Here are all the information that can be add/removed to the table:

Follow-up Customization

You can customize this table to see the information that matters to you.

Click on the arrow on the right side of the screen

This will shows you the current active columns seen on your Dashboard. To customize them, click on the second arrow that appears on the right. Note that you can display advanced timers by clicking on the button on the left

Finally, you will see all available columns on the left and select or remove any columns to have your own customize Dashboard

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