Give what's best to your Trees
Plot of land (Genesis Plot)
Since each tree must be properly rooted in a soil that is perfectly suited to it, each variety of Tree (except Plum Bonsai) has a specific environment that suits it perfectly and will allow you to multiply your game rewards and earn game bonuses. Plots are a portion of land where you can plant your NFT trees.
Each Plot can support up to 10 trees.

Genesis Plot

The Genesis Plot is free and given to all players. It can contain any type of tree (Plum Bonsai, Bonsai, Fir, Oak, Cherry) but does not allow players to get any rewards or bonuses. You cannot buy Genesis Plots and they are automatically dropped whenever you need them.

Specific Plots

There are 5 Specific Plots. Each Specific Plot can accommodate a single variety of Trees (e.g. Bonsai Tree on a Bonsai Plot). Once the plot is filled, players will be eligible for all kinds of bonuses.


Plum Bonsai Plot (Level 1) which can contain only Plum Bonsai Trees.
Bonsai Plot (Level 2) which can contain only Bonsai Trees.
Fir Plot (Level 3) which can contain only Fir Trees.
Oak Plot (Level 4) which can contain only Oak Trees.
Cherry Plot (Level 5) which can contain only Cherry Trees.


Extension of the initial Lifetime

Planted in their natural environment (Specific Plot), your Trees will be healthier and will live longer.
When you plant a Tree in a Specific Plot, the Lifetime of your Tree will be lengthened by ½ GRP.
However, this additional ½ GRP will be removed from the Tree's Lifetime if you move the Tree out of his Special Plot.

Extension of the Water Packs Period

When Trees are housed in their corresponding Special Plot, the duration of any Water Pack applied to them is extended by 10% GRP.
  • Water Pack +50% => +60% GRP added to the Tree's Lifetime
  • Water Pack +100% => +110% GRP added to the Tree's Lifetime
These gained additional lifetimes are lost when you move the Tree out of the Special Plot.

Free Airdrop

Once a Specific Plot is filled with all of the 10 tree slots, you will receive an airdrop of the superior rarity of Tree of the same type as your plot. This time, we're not getting that back again, it's yours once and for all!
  • If you fill a special plot with genesis trees only : You will have a Silver tree of the same type
  • If you fill a special plot with silvers trees only : You will have a golden tree of the same type + One fertilizer 20%
  • If you fill a special plot with golden trees only : You will have a diamond tree of the same type (in accordance with the availability) or 2 goldens trees+ One fertilizer 50%


Price of Specific Plots