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The MarketPlace is live !

How it works ?

The marketplace allows you to exchange your special trees! To be able to sell your trees, it is imperative that they are special trees, that is to say of type: silver, gold or diamond.
You have two possibilities:
Selling at a fixed price: You can decide to sell your trees at a fixed price. However, the price must be at least based on the price of the seeds. For example, you can't sell a bonsai under the price of the mystery seed bonsai which is $80 SPR.
Auction: You can auction your special tree. You are free to set the minimum price and also the duration of the auction. However, the minimum price must be higher than the purchase price of the seed.

Collects special trees !

For each player who manages to fill his special plot with rare trees of one and the same type he can win special rewards:
-> If you fill a special plot with silvers trees only : You will have a golden tree of the same type + One fertilizer 20%
-> If you fill a special plot with golden trees only : You will have a diamond tree of the same type (in accordance with the availability) or 2 goldens trees+ One fertilizer 50%
(Please, raise a ticket on discord once all the task are completed to received your prize)


In order to avoid any exit liquidity attempts and to maintain the sustainable protocol, each sale is taxed at 20% which will go directly into the Liquidity Manager.