Tree Life Cycle

Understanding the reward model of Spring Game
We're now entering into the depths of the Spring Game mechanics. The essence of the Spring Game is to offer rewards by acquiring Trees that yields fruit on a decaying pattern. This model is a pre-defined lifecycle that will be presented in this chapter.

Game Reward Periods and Tree Lifetime

Every Tree Variety has its own base Daily Reward, expressed in percentage of the corresponding Mystery Seed price. At some point, the yielded rewards will equal the acquisition price of the Tree. The duration between the creation of the Tree and this moment is called the Game Reward Period of the Tree, GRP for short. Each tree has its own GRP, and is the base unit of time on which everything else will be expresed for now.
However, like a tree in the real world, trees have a lifespan. In Spring Game, this lifespan is represented by a constantly ticking down counter, the Tree Lifetime. When the tree is created, its counter is initialized at 2,5x its GRP (remember, we're using the GRP as a unit of time). From this Lifetime counter will be derived the reward state of your tree. Speaking of the reward state, rewards are decaying during the lifespan of the tree, following a four-phase pattern.

Phase 1


When a tree is planted for the first time, it receives a Lifetime of 2,5x its GRP. During this phase of the game, players receive 100% of the tree's rewards until the $SPR value of the Mystery Seed corresponding to the type of tree obtained is reached.

Phase 2

MATURITY AND GROWTH (1,5 GRP ≥ Lifetime > 1 GRP) 🟡

Once the first Game Reward Period is over, the tree has reached maturity and is now well rooted. It is healthy and will continue to produce 100% of its rewards for another half GRP before it begins to decay.

Phase 3


During this phase of the game, which lasts for a complete GRP, your tree starts to dehydrate and lose its foliage. Your tree's daily rewards drop to 5%. It's time to act! Take a look at Water Packs.

Phase 4


At this point, the health of your tree is critical. It suffers from severe dehydration and produces only 0,01% of its reward capacity. Without water, your tree will remain in a state of near-hibernation and will only produce 0,01% of its reward indefinitely.
Don't worry, we have just what you need: Water Packs.